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how to drag a deer though a swampy area?

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When my wife shot the deer..of course I had to drag it for the first time. For some odd reason my city blocked head thought it was a simple task....HA!

Hills, between the trees over some dead tree branches...were very easy..until I hit the swamp.

Any pointers how to drag a deer though a swamp? I'm thinking of buying those deer bags/tarps ..that should reduce the friction to make it easier..but I'm thinking the mud would just gather and make it heavy to pull?

The rack with wheels is out. The path is to narrow and I don't think that will be a good idea to try that though the swamp.

or maybe a sled...but i think it will do the same thing as the deer bag/tarp will do

Any pointers?

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congratultaions to your wife for getting the deer and Welcome to the club, Glad to have you both.. We have a photo gallery If you've got pics to post.. :biggrin:
A friend of mine hunts a swamp and when he gets a deer he always uses a long plastic sled, he says it works great. Good Luck and Happy Hunting
the plastic ones you would get for icefishing work best.Another thing that is a good idea is to tie the front feet to the neck so they won't catch on every thing
we put my buck on the 4 wheeler, but then it is on private land

4 wheeler is out in this area....i wish we could use it...but the trees are to close
Welcome To Deer Hunting My Friend.

It also helps to have help. {LOL}

Many hands make work light. If it is a big buck, it is no fun alone.

welcome to the club.dragging is the least fun part in my opinion the sled would be my guess im still doing it the hard way but im getting too old to keep doing it gonna get a sled :thumbup:
is there anywere you could get a fourwheeler becuase winches always work.. but i dunno i hunt fields and fresh cut logging runs
wow..that would be a really long cord because I have to walk 20 min deep woods only a deer trail to the swamp 10 min though the swamp and 3 min wide-enough-to have an rv go though it to get to the camp site

p.s thanks everyone for their comments!
just in time for ice fishing looks like i could haul my duck decoys in there.i know what im asking santa for :ibtl:
just in time for ice fishing looks like i could haul my duck decoys in there.i know what im asking santa for :ibtl:
OH yeah!! I have used it for everything.....Ice Fishing, Duck Hunting, Deer Hunting, Coyote Hunting(hauling out bait) the thing is GREAT. :pickle: I have the medium size one and its just the right size for $40, they do have a bigger one.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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