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The new Marlin XL7

Several of the guys in my Fire Department were looking into buying a deer rifle. They all are trying to not pay alot and still get sometime for their money. I have seen some GREAT deals lately at our local sportsgoods stores on the new Marlin XL7. There is also a version of the rifle for short action calibers called XS7. This is a rifle that has a clean trigger (uses a copy of the Savage Acutrigger) and also uses the Savage barrel attachment system. The price on these is less then 300 dollars and offered in the popular calibers. I think that 4 guys have bought them at this point. We haven't had them out the range yet. The short action versions may not be any shorter then the long action calibers, I would check before picking one to have a shorter overall rifle length. Try to save some money for a quality scope (~150 dollars), this rates right after a clean trigger in my book.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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