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How long

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how long after setting up a stand would you wait to hunt it?
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I would hunt it a week or so after to let things settle down,However if its just now that you set it up and the season has started I would be in it as soon as weather, and wind would allow it . You may be wasting good days now as we speak. I have taken deer with in hours of hanging a new stand. Tough question with a lot of unknowns. Good hunting !!!.
well ill be seting it up mid day tomorrow. season has started. i had scouted it last weekend and the sighn was good, the only thing missing was scrapes. so i desided to keep my eye on it and hunt a location that i have hunted for a few years now. so today i went back to set up a camera to "keep my eye on it" and holy scrapes. so now im scrambling to hunt it. i was thinking set up stand tomorrow, and start hunting it sunday. dont know if thats to soon. this spot looks way better now than my "old fathfull" spot.
I think you'll be just fine. When I set my ladder stands I like to find a tree that has a smaller tree right in front of it. It hides the ladder and gives great cover on close deer when your moving into position or drawing your bow.
And it probably wouldn't matter at all if you hunted out of it the same day, but if I knew I was going to do that I wound set my stand out side in the back yard as soon as I could and let it air out from any smells it picked up from sitting in the garage all year off of it, ( witch wouldn't be much I wouldn't think but to an animal that lives by their nose it might be a lot )
brand new stand, but ill set it outback right now.
Put it up and get in it, I see no reason to wait. I don't remember ever having a deer spook at an inanimate object.
right away, many times the best chance at a buck is the first day after hanging a stand.
got stand in today with help from a friend. will be hunting it tomorrow. did not want to hunt it tonight sence we made a desent amount of noise communicating to get it up there.

Put it up and get in it, I see no reason to wait. I don't remember ever having a deer spook at an inanimate object.
I put out a T-post mid-season just as a way to judge the height of the deer around it. That was several years back. I remember watching a doe come into the clearing, see the T-Post for the first time, then jump back as if startled. She came back, but was very skittish and never really settled down until coming back several more times.

Now they come in as if it's been there forever, not paying a bit of attention. Saw the post and just had to relay my memories. Just one man's memories . . .

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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