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how far do deer travel?

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specificaly doe's even in the rut in maine right now? Do they travel 1? 2? miles a day? also do they travel from food/water to bedding in a straight pattern using the same paths back and forth? or do they travel in a circle pattern? I saw doe's in one spot on morning and they dont really have a whole lot of places to go. about a quarter mile away is water and then where I saw them the whole area is mixed with patches of hardwoods and pines. I saw a doe I would love to take on the edge of pines and hardwoods.

When I first got in the woods I sat probably 60 yards away from where I saw her for an hour. I sat there then felt I wasn't in a good spot and decided to still hunt where after 10 minutes I spooked her. Should I try to get into the woods and within shooting distance of where I saw her or do you think me getting in there will spook her and change her pattern? thanks
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I don't know exactly how far but I do know that bucks will travel way more distances than does. I think does stay in their normal area but may move out further when spooked or pushed. Try to find a trail that the deer are using and setup on it.
I hunt 2 different places this year,and they are a little over 2 miles apart,but it is pretty much in a straight line if you walked fence lines.I have cameras at both places and the same deer show up in both cameras.I can remember reading in some magazines that say a deers home range usually is about one square mile.I know during the rut that will change,so how far they actually go,I don't really know,but the deer around me go at least 2 miles.
It depends on what area of the country and the given area there that deer have to work with.
Deer in the UP of Michigan migrate in the winter, 20-30 miles or more is not uncommon. In PA I would guess does core area 1 sq mile, bucks during the rut maybe 2.
Deer travel as far as they possibly can, If a woodlot is 5 acres or 5,000 acres you can bet the deer will see most of it Especially during the rut.
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