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Everyone has made great points and the book Ronn speaks of is a great source of tons of info. Scouting is a science that takes years and tons of notes. Scouting is also based on seasonal behaviors and needs of the deer. I have some knowledge of Ga. deer in your area from two great friends/deer hunters I know. Swamps contain honey suckle, green briar, and black oaks or as I call them pin oaks. These will be you primary food sources on your land. Mapping these will be your first job. Next is to find all of the primary travel corridors deer use between food and bedding. Bedding will change from pines in early season to swamp areas in cooler season because of insects and biting flies during warmer months. The other factor with this will be hunting pressure that could speed this along earlier. Deer hate biting insects but hate hunters more. Also knowing your land is important but knowing what is around you on surrounding lands is just as important. I'm not saying trespassing but spend time talking to other property owners and a lot of time on Google Earth.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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