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How did you guys do???

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So How did every one do bowhunting last season? I got a nice 14 pointer, and 6 does. All but two of the does were shot on film. The buck footage is real cool. I filmed it myself with a camera arm and shot him at 5 yards. I had a luminok on and it looks like a fire ball going right thru his heart. He jumped way up in the air and landed in the middle of a deep pond before hightailing it over the ridge.
The footage is going to be on Whitetail addictions TV show sometime this summer or fall. The buck I got last year is in there video this year that just got released. :pickle:

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well for me not bad considering. i got my first deer with a bow. granted it was not a 14 pointer but a first none the less. i would like to see your hunt when its on tv. you will have to keep us posted on when its sceduled to air.
that is a nice buck
you look familar are you on the "Whitetail World" forums?
oh yeah, I did not get a deer bowhunting not sure I want to go anymore

i missed 3 does with the bow:thumbdown: the season up here was strange the weather was very warm and windy.i did get a small 4pt on the 2nd day of rifle.1 shot to the neck dropped like a stone:biggrin:
nice deer.. i did not go bow hunting so no results from me
I only went alot and never got one they all came about 75 to 100 yards away i would move then the next time they would come from where i was sitting.
that is a nice buck
you look familar are you on the "Whitetail World" forums?
Yep.. thats me on Whitetail world.
this was a tough year, i had a heck of a time trying to pattern deer didnt see much until the last 2 weeks of the season/rut seen some good shooter bucks to far out, but i did manage to harvest a nice big ol doe with the bow!
That is a great buck. I got a nice doe early in the bow season but no good bucks got close enough. Still had a awesome time this archery season.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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