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How about some knives?

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I've gotten bit by the knife collecting bug.Here is a few.
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I have been collecting the cival war case sets I have a thousand dollars in just to sets one is a Jefferson Davis an Ab Lincoln, the other set is a Grant, an General Lee set. Thats a nice collection of knives you got there.
That is a nice collection!! I dont really have that many knives, I got quite a few swords tho! :D

Although I have seen the GRayman knives and I really like those. What do you think of them?
That sure is a nice collection you've got there. I own a very nice buck knife, a carolina tarheel pocket knife, and a cheap blade with a gut hook on it.

You can never have too much rope, duct tape, or too many knives in my personal opinion! :biggrin:
awesome knife collection.... :biggrin:
Thanks for the comments.I have around 70 now.And a few thousand bucks less.It will surprise alot of you to see how much the USA made knives are worth now.But now it's time to get ready for some hunting.
Wow, nice collection. How many knifes you have?
I currently have around 70.
30 more and it'll be 100. Maybe you get them as a present:)
That's quite impressive ! Just how many can you juggle at one time ? lol
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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