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Hot Shot Deer picture

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What do you think?


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I think it looks like an Albino Caribou (the Arctic Reindeer) to me!
maybe some kind of exotic, possibly an albino??? Don't know what it is!
I saw a while back on the sportsman channel theres some place up in North Wisconson that has pure white whitetails. Thats what i thought of when i saw the thumbnail.
small like a deer, antlers simalar to an elk, and appears to be albino.It might be a "pier davids deer" I have seen a skull and antler mount of one and it looks alot like this thing.
Albino baby calf + caribou antlers is my guess. LOL
its a Fallow deer

its a Fallow deer
hey B-Rad..nice pic collection....:goodposting:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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