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hot lazy days

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seem like most of ny has the dog days starting and cool nights
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talk about hot. we had not had rain in tenn for about 2 weeks till yesterday. i dont know about lazy days though. ive been helping a buddy build his house on my off days. i think i sweat out 10 gallons a water a day climbing around those rafters.
yep bill you got that right .been downright miserable in nyc.the weather sure aint making it easy to breathe cant wait to get out of this city
it's not hot here in WI but it has been raining the last couple of days the landscaping job I work at is falling behind cuz of the rain lite rain isn't to bad but when it downpours we have to quit.
i guess thats where the expression"you make hay when the sun is shining "comes from:bye:
We had a line of T-storms come thru New England the last few days. I was a lucky recipient for God to select the bottom of my driveway for a lightening strike.
It was close enough to blow out my garage door opener. Better that than me.
You better change your evil ways:whistling:
the door opener can always be replaced you cant
I just wish we could get some rain. My garden is dying of thirst out there. I think we've gotten maybe 3/4 of an inch for the year.
do need the rain and not a down power but a nice slow over nite one so it soaks in the the ground fills some wells and under ground streams and not run off after the top 1 or two gets wet the pond i have been fishing has droped about 1 to 2 foot on the bank in the past week or so and it is feed by underground springs. the dry weather keep me from turkey hunting did not want to be the one seen coming or going in case a brush fire started made it out once or twice but the area was just waiting for a spark at the time
bill you do know turkey season is over:unsure:
Been in the low 90's here most of the week. Going camping next week hope it cools down a little.
enjoy your trip bring your thermacell to ward off the skeeters:biggrin:
know its over just stated it was too dry in my spot to go out, was saying most of the season my spot was a tinder box and that idid not want to be the one seen comming or going if a fire happend. know better the to go out after the dates
just checking bill.Is it really that dry up there now?dont like the sound of that
it is not that bad right now but still pretty dry
rains coming
we finally got some yesterday. the first good one in several weeks. maybe they will lift the water restrictions they got on us.
had a some nice heavy storms all around us think the rain was a little to heavy to do much
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