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Hopefully get to hunt now..

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Its been one busy year and its taken a direct hit on my hunting. New house, new baby and all that good stuff.

This next week though I should get some hunting time by myself and be able to put some time in the stand. I scouted a little bit today when I was moving a stand and there is some promising sign. I am hoping the deer are still rutting a little bit. Monday Im planning on an all dayer, probably thurs and fri as well. Its suppose to be a down pour tues and wed.

It will be absolutly sweet to be able to do nothing but hunt for a week. It feels like opening day to me and the season is already winding down. Its muzzleloader here for the week so wish me luck.
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good for have your hands pretty full and you run this place for us.THANKS .I hope ya get some quality time in.Our muzzleloader season starts this week as well,its only till 16th
Good luck. My daughter turned 1 right before hunting season here, and we bought a house this spring as well. Luckily my wife's parents were great about watching my daughter, and my father in law let me use his truck to hunt. It was one of our medium busy parts of the year in the studio, but family support got me into the woods (with only some annoyance for my wife). Once the meat is in the freezer, and you cook a couple very cheap and tasty all evens out.

Oh, and the baby is actually an advantage. People complain about how awful it is to wake up at 4 or 5 am to hunt. Well, what time do you wake up normally now? My daughter is about 13 months, and we're lucky if she falls asleep at 10 or 10:30. Then she may wake up at 12:00. She will almost certainly wake up at 4. Then she'll probably wake up at 6 or 6:30 and do a halfway sleep thing (while kicking us in the face) until maybe 7 or 8...when she's just awake. It trains you to be awake before dawn.
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Buckfever, hopefully you get some hunting time in. I also appreciate the job you do here, it's a great place to swap life's experiences, not just hunting, well done. Good luck hunting!:yes:HM
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