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Home protection question

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There's a gun show this weekend and i'm really thinking of purchasing a home defense firearm. I'm not interested in a hunting rifle/shotgun but an ultimate home defense weapon. If you got some ideas please send them along. I have two dogs so that area is covered. Mossberg is out. I would like lots of firepower, most likely a semi-auto, limited wall shoot through, ??? I know that says police style shotgun with #4 buck. Just thought if anyone knew of something really new/cool/effective. Thanks HM
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Not sure I'd be using .410 shells for home defensive. Ammo is expensive and underpowered for humans (in general). I guess it could work with .45 Long Colt, but .45ACP works just as well. Home defensive shotguns usually aren't worth the money if that's the kind of gun you want, any 18" or shorter barrel will work, and honestly, who needs 7 shells in a 12 gauge for the house? Maybe if you wanted to turn a person into some sort of minced meat.
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