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Home protection question

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There's a gun show this weekend and i'm really thinking of purchasing a home defense firearm. I'm not interested in a hunting rifle/shotgun but an ultimate home defense weapon. If you got some ideas please send them along. I have two dogs so that area is covered. Mossberg is out. I would like lots of firepower, most likely a semi-auto, limited wall shoot through, ??? I know that says police style shotgun with #4 buck. Just thought if anyone knew of something really new/cool/effective. Thanks HM
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The Handgun you're looking for is the Taurus "Judge" hands down.
The Judge chambers a .45 Colt OR 410 Shotshells.
It's ALSO available as a Magnum for the 3" .410 shotshells
Watch this JUDGE Video and you'll be convinced. It has great Reviews too.

Good Luck HM
I've always been told the best home defense weapon is a shotgun.
I have been looking into the same thing. So far most have told me a Glock in 40 cal. would be best with a laser grip. Intimidation and put them down power. No bells and whistles just pull the trigger and BOOM!
the judge is a shotgun .410 around 4" long or 45 long colt. good choice as well as the glock .40
bb, that's pretty cool. Thanks for the comments everyone. Don't know for sure yet, just know I want something for the changing times!:confused:
I went but didn't buy. The taurus judge was 650.00 and there was two of them. The gun show had a massive turn-out of people. Not much of the ammo I was looking for, 300 sav, #4 -3" buckshot. May look online.
I may be going out on a limb here but here is my thought. If you had a Ruger 10-22 rifle you could order a 50 rd banana clip from Cabelas and load it with bird shot .22 shells. But I don't know if those bird shot are even made anymore for a .22 because I used to use them a long time ago for a .22 I once had. Or you could go with the "judge"...I just watched the video after my post and I'm impressed.
HM you should be able to find the Judge for a lot less than $ 650. Dollars, that dealer is out to make a huge "PROFIT"

Here's a link to a Standard Judge 3" barrel only accepts 2-1/2" .410's <-$395.00 Dollars

Here's a link to the Judge Magnum 3" Barrel accepts 3" .410's <- $ 430. Dollars

here's a link to the Judge Magnum 3" stainless steel barrel accepts 3" .410's <- $ 464. Dollars

Those are all Band NEW Judge's.
They do charge an additional 30. dollar shipping fee to ship to your local Dealer but that still keeps them way under 650 bucks.
I have been looking into the same thing. So far most have told me a Glock in 40 cal. would be best with a laser grip. Intimidation and put them down power. No bells and whistles just pull the trigger and BOOM!
wmi I carried a Glock 22 for many years as a cop, and can tell you that all Glocks look the same, and only the added laser is the intimidation factor. Glocks are no more intimidating than any other black semi auto handgun on the market.

I have a new Taurus 24/7 OSS DS Tactical 5.25" barrel .45 ACP now if you in a stardown with the suspect him looking at the business end of a .45 ACP is more intimidating than looking down the barrel of a smaller caliber.

As stated above since it is just a "House Protection" firearm the Taurus Judge is a good option. But I personally like the shotgun idea since hearing one rack gets everyones attention and intimidates the boldest of bad guy's knowing that alot of 12 ga its gonna hurt is about to come down on you. Just makes it nice to have the right kind of "Point and Click" device in town.
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studies were done and your right the racking of a 12 scares the bejesus out of the bad guys
bb, it was a stainless judge version.There wasn't much in the shotgun home defense models. All gun prices seemed about 30% higher.
i've heard from lots of folks that the shows aren't a really great place to buy.
Ronn, in the years past I've been able to buy/sell fairly reasonable. This time prices were really high so I need to find another source. Right now its a sellers market.
Not sure I'd be using .410 shells for home defensive. Ammo is expensive and underpowered for humans (in general). I guess it could work with .45 Long Colt, but .45ACP works just as well. Home defensive shotguns usually aren't worth the money if that's the kind of gun you want, any 18" or shorter barrel will work, and honestly, who needs 7 shells in a 12 gauge for the house? Maybe if you wanted to turn a person into some sort of minced meat.
I have several long arms, rifles and shotguns and one handgun. I use these for hunting mostly and target shooting. Can't quite understand people feeling the need to buy a home defense gun. Maybe it's because of where I live - not too much crime, if you need help, people give it. And when driving down a road, you can expect the driver who is approaching from the opposite direction will give a way as you pass each other. I feel pretty safe with the firearms that I have, but I don't really believe I'll ever need to defend my home from (????), and I certainly don't need to buy a specialized defense weapon for that. You guys who feel threatened and unsafe have my sympathy.
Chuck, I hope you never have to worry about it. In my end of the state we have loads of crack heads, meth heads and bunches of illegal aliens that want to live the mexican way, not the american dream. And I live in a rural area. 3 weeks ago the local newspaper had an article that said Mayfield, (the small town I live in, pop 11,000) was the hub of drug trafficing in western KY. Doesn't say much for the local police department. But, I'm not afraid, just cautious. I just purchased a handgun for home defense and when on the road. Hope I never have to use it except for plinkin at the creek.
We live in a pretty safe part of the country as well but I still want to be ready if some nut trys to break in my house.. As of yet I have only been in 1 house that was burglarized and that was by a neighbor "friend" that we had grown up with our whole life..
I don't want to sound too naive. I know this kind of thing can happen anywhere. I guess my point is why spend the extra money on a gun you may never use when you probably already have several that can be employed if the occasion arises. In my case, the .41 magnum in my nightstand is usually carried when I'm hiking or horse riding in grizzly country, but I'm sure it would work just fine in the event that anyone tried to break in. I don't think I need a specialized "defense" or tactical weapon for that. Just my opinion.
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