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As I mentioned before I've been a Razorbacks fan for a little while and they play Georgia right now so I am going to check it out. Haven't seen them in a while but last time they looked sharp. Well, GO HOGS!!!!!!!
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Its a good one so far. I'm gonna have to say. Go dogs.
See those pesky Buckeye's 3-0! :pickle:
Its a good one so far. I'm gonna have to say. Go dogs.

:no: buckfever ItS GO HOGS
HM, don't you feel a little sorry for Ohio? Or is it all Ohio State and that's it? LOL
I always feel for the under (dog or hog)?:lol:
:no: buckfever ItS GO HOGS
Thats funny.. Good win by the hogs though.

The only reason I root against the hogs is because of one my hunting buds. I would actually cheer for them if it wasnt for him. :whistling:
HaHa The next game will be a good one.. Im glad its up on our hill

would love to see bills draft him were on our way 0-2 and climbing we got new england this week.ill be rooting for arkansas against bama,i hate saban
Alabama better bring all its players...... Go HOGS
I hate it for you Ark fans on here. That was a close one.

But I love it for my hunting partner. Cant wait to rub it in his face!
I was a hog man yesterday! See those Buckeye's! 4-0
arkansas had em but saban made some good adjustments they shut em down in the 2nd half,mallet forced some bad throws,good game to watch though
See those Buckeye's! 4-0
I seen that.. Ohio State and Alabama in the Championship Game. Im calling it right here.

AL will win again though. :bag:

im not so sure alabama would beat them if we get this matchup.pryor is running that offense and they are throwing the ball more than the past when ohio state got behind they werent capable of coming back,this year they are a big play vertical offense.i feel its there year if pryor stays healthy.
Buck you better hide under that mask! I will wait to see more games before any predictions. For Ohio State like any other team they have to get through their own conference first, which is a big hurdle. However, I won't bet against the Buckeye's. See where Toledo Rockets took out Purdue, for Toledo that was a big game, they have a history of upsetting Big Ten teams at times. Man I love college football!
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