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hog dogs

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hey yall Im buying a pack of hog dogs. Im pretty new to hog hunting with dogs so I need any tips or tricks to hunting and training these dogs. I have been a few times but not an expert. Thanks guys
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what kind ya getting? Plotts or BMC? any catch dogs?
Three BMCs guna train them to bay and catch
hellbilly and i, know of someone that posted an ad on craigslist to just help out with hog dogs. He did ALL the grunt work with the guys that took him and he has learned alot. they are helping him train his dogs and such.
Three BMCs guna train them to bay and catch
you mite want to think about getting a american bulldog for a CD.The BMCs will hunt great and bay great and a gritty one will catch.Aint nothing wrong with them just sometimes you will need a stouter dog when you get on a big hog.Raise and train them all togeather so they they each other and how each hunts,theyll hunt better togeather and you wont have the problem with one dog trying to out hunt the other.Thats how dogs get will split off and hunt alone and sometimes that dont turn out good.BMCs or some dang good hunting dogs.Good luck and keep us posted on how its going.cant wait to see pics of them with there first hog:thumbup:
I have a American Bulldog that was originally guna be a catch dog but mom babyed here to much and i didnt have time to work with her so she just turned into a yard dog. dont get me wrong shes one of the meanest look swole up dogs around but she aint nuthing but a big baby lol. thanks yall
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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