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ok in the near weeks iam goinghunting ok and its going to take us some time to get back to people i know how to gut it how could i perserve the deer meat i mean i would not have power at all other than a phone i will not have like anything can we put it in salt maybe how :confused::lol::confused:
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i meanwe could if we :wallbash:had to hmmm
What area? What are the temp's running there now day and night? Can you pack a cooler and a bag or two of ice ? If the weather is under 45*s you'll be ok just wipe down as much blood off as you can and get a game bag from like wal mart to help keep fly's off your harvest but it can still breath and air out. But if you can pack the cooler you would be best to just quater it up and up in there.
agreed with on the fly, if your talking days the temps need to be below forty, other than that you have to quarter it up and pack it in a cooler that drains.
you need to address your deer soon after you take it. like the guys above said if it's cold enough you have longer to take (if needed) but if it's warmer, you need to get the deer processed or cut up yourself quickly.
thanks guys
it helps alot
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