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Hilarious video....

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Saw this the other night on America's Funniest Vidoes (IS THAT SHOW OK TO WATCH FELLA's?????) hahaha

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Apparently hunting season is always open for some.......:shocking:
Tator is that a dress you are wearing??? :surprised:
just kidding I watch that one too
Guess the kid should just stick to having a pet goldfish
I bet the kids dad was celebrating. Who wants to pay for feeding a rat. My barn feeds plenty of them!

Would stink for the kid though. He just got a life lesson in how the great outdoors work though.
here's the funniest thing though..... everyone watch it again and notice the DATE on the lower left hand corner of the video cam! hahaha

poor kid...
Haha December 24 1994!!! Imagine the look on the kids face.:shocking:

We had two rats back a while ago:bag:, but ours die of old age.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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