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high temp=no deer

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This Fall In Southern Michigan Saw Temps In The High 70's. It Seemed To Me That Deer Movement Never Started Until After Dark And The Temp Dropped. I Saw Few Deer This Fall From My Stand. But Saw Many On The Drive Home After Dark. Anyone Else Have The Same Story?

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In tennesee its finally got cool but the full moon is killin me you see ton's of deer drivin in and out. I hunted hard since wenseday morning and finally managed to get a messed up four point that needed to be tacken out of the heard it took a windy,cold,and cloudy day before they ever moved during normal daylight hours.
Hello Rod,

I too live in Sothern Michigan and have had similar situations as well. I think alot of the problems you basically answered yourself, do too the unseasonable weather we've had too hunt in shorts at times as well as cover ourselves in mosquito repellant just too get that chance at getting that " Big One".
I've ended up with a pretty good year thou. Got a spike on the 6th of October, it was 78 degress that day, then a red fox came in on the 17th, was able to get him at 20 yds with my bow, then a doe on the 20th,and a pretty nice 6 pt on the 25th, then too top it off I ended up with a gobbler on the 2nd of Nov. soooooo...... all in all I think even thou we;ve had some pretty nasty weather " my year has been exceptional in my book". Hang in there plenty of time left to harvest "Ole Mossy Horns". Good Luck
Hey rod and welcome to the site. Over here in WNY it's been unseasonably mild for the most of October and November which is pretty uncommon for this area. It may be hindering movement because since early October I've practically been living afield and the largest deer I've seen was a small 8 pt. I guess you win some and lose some.
Yep welcome to the site. Here in Tennessee we have also had some very warm weather during the season. Our bow season was basically pointless. My deer sightings have definitly went up since the weather has cooled off.
welcome to the site.As for the question,think of it like this.Do you want to go running around with your winter coat on when its warm out:wacko:
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