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High Country Excalibur???

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I bought a few bows from a pawn shop, a buckmaster something or other, a martin cougar, and a high country excalibur. I like to tinker and shoot different bows with different set ups. I am getting curious about the high counrty bow. It has a 29" draw, the draw weight is 65lbs. It needs a new string, and from talking with my pro shop I don't think you can adjust the draw length on the cam module. I have shot the bow three times from 10 yds, the draw was smooth and it achored firmly. The 3 arrows I shot, I could wrap my hand around all three shafts so they were at least grouped. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the High Country brand. From what I've heard and gathered on the internet its a somewhat credable company that has some quality products on the market. Has anyone shot a High Country and if so what did you have on the bow? I just need a jumping off point on this bow, and those of you who like to work on and maintainence your own bows how would you go about getting the best outta this bow. I thihk its around 10 years old (probably older) but it I think with some work this bow could be my everyday bow come this fall.
Just wanted to say thanks to all you guys, everytime I post in here I get great suggestions and feedback! Hope your off seasons are going well, good luck to everyone come this fall!
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wish I could help you more All I can say is I know a couple people that own them & swear by them seem to be good quality bows just not a big name to go with them like Hoyt, PSE, Bear & slow-mo Matthews (sorry had to throw that in) I would say your best best would be to go to their website & check out their forum & see what those guy's & girls have for setups
My set-up
2011 Rampage XT
Tru-glo CARBON XS sight
NAP Quicktune smartrest
Kwikee kompound quiver
tru ball copperhead release
carbon express mayhem hunter 250 arrows
Rage 2 blade broadheads
Burt coyotee luminocks
Back about 15 years ago or so in my area high country was the Mathews of today. Of course back then I had a pro- line caz I didn't have the cash for a big dollar bow, well same goes for today too!, no Mathews in my sport room. Anyways I had a HC ultra I shot for about 6 years, had it set up with factory HC over draw, HC 6pin sights, , as far as draw adjustment, new the bows came with three different draw pieces that you have to put bow in press and change out on the side of the cams. Now I would bet they would be hard to find, would look at older hole in the wall archery shops to find if your looking to change your draw,
I shot a high country surpreme for 10 yrs. One great bow and smooth. Had to give it up due to my last heart failure. Lost too much strength.i am now hunting with a barnett avi .i am 76 yrs young and still at of luck.
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