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Hidey Holes

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did any of yall read the hidey hole article in the recent north american hunter magazine. im tempted to give this a try. most of the land i hunt is areas that are wooded and steep so there is no access for a tractor. i think i could go clear out a spot relatively easy with hand tools and try that hidey hole approach. its a thought for sure. have any of yall tried this with some success?
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I read it. I cleared an area and planted it. It is coming up good now. I had hoped to have it up before turkey season but a cold snap caused a delay. I plan on re-planting close to the bow season opener.
how big an area did you try?
It is somewhere between a 1/2- 1 acre. It looks like about 3/4 give or take a little. Mine utilizes logging roads and an open area with 3 logging roads entering it. The seed was no-til but I still had that place lookin like a lettuce bed. So far there is not many weeds invading the plot.
that ought to be plenty big. one of my hunting spots i was considering doing this on is mostly all wooded. i may be able to make a 1/2 acre plot at most. and that would be after trimming quite a few limbs. acorns will probably be very scarce in tenn this year. there is not much agriculture land on the surrounding farms so im thinking whatever im able to do, big or small will have a positive effect on the hunting this year. i will definitly have to go with something no till also. there is really no way to get a tractor in there.
i gave it a try last year using no plow but not enough water and sun did my patch in:ranting:
Yeah Buckfever, anything will help. I am doing this one and a late summer plot to give the bucks more nutrition and make the does healthier for the fawn crop. I used a disc that is small enough to pull behind the Honda. The tractor was not going to fit unless I did some major clearing then it would have been complete overkill. I clear alot of limbs out from above the logging roads and had to pick up alot of rocks but seeing the wildlife using the plot makes all the long hours of discing, trimming, and preping worth while. Good luck on your plot.
I was thinking about giving up the corn this year and feeding them ptotien pellets I seen ted using on tv the other night.Maybe work just as good in them deepwoods as trying to plant.
yea rock that is illegal in my state.
HERE TO ,which i think is bull ."baiting" comes in a lot of forms .Food plots,apples ,salt licks,scents ratting,calling,hunting over fallen acorns.While i dont need to use piles of corn or apples i can see why some do.It can line up the animal so that a precise shot and swift kill will occur.This can be useful for begineers and maybe some of the old timers whos eyes and limbs arent as good as they once where.Thats my 2 cents
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