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If properly done, a 115 lb field dressed deer will yield about 17-20 lbs of burger. Depending on customer's wish list the number of steaks/roasts ect varies dramatically. Generally, 2 neck roasts, 2 small front shoulder roasts, 2-4 hind quarter roasts, 2- back straps either as chops with bone or sliced 1" thick steaks and 2 small tenderloins from inside the carcass. Many now make short ribs for smoking. You should end up with a couple of stew meat packages and the rest as burger. Batching with another's meat is a big no no! I would not advise doing it as it would only take one contaminated carcass, how do you guarantee against it, and you'd have a whole lot of lawsuits coming your way. Community batching is THE reason I've been processing my own game since 1978. One deer at a time for your benefit and the customer's. I would not drive more than 20 miles to process a game animal. I mostly agree with the 50% return on processed meat vs incoming carcass, if all is bone out. This would be minus hide, feet, head. To simply cut and wrap/freeze I think $40-$50 is not bad, then the price for smoking and specialities goes way up. Anyone that promotes batching meat is simply playing Russian roulette. I would not suggest doing it and for those who do, I hope you advise your clients of it, I'm sure they will go elsewhere. Other than vacuum packaging, I have found over the years to plastic wrap each cut of meat forcing the air out using a couple of wraps, then using the old wax freezer paper, again with a couple of wraps and freezer tape the seams. This system gives a solid 2 years of protection. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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