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Hi everyone!

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hey everybody it sure has been a long time sence ive been on.i see some of us are gearin up for this years hunting hows everybody?it going pretty good here.i havent been in the woods yet been pretty busy.but startin to think about hunting.well hope alls well!!
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Good to hear from you! Right now all I'm gearing up for is the fight with ticks in PA. :w00t:
they say the ticks are going to be bad here this year to.
howdy wtf, glad to see ya back at the club..
yeah ive been so busy lately seems like i dont have any time for myself lol:wallbash:
:bye: Yep, good to see ya again! I was able to get into the woods this morning to put in a fourwheeler trail. The deer have been hitting my mineral block pretty hard too. :thumbup:
Howdy Ho.

Its getting that time of year when we start getting the fever again. Things should start heating up real soon.
Welcome back WTF!!!

If the temps ever drop below triple digits, I might get a chance to go out with the boys and sight in the scopes on the rifles. Oh, forgot that daughter #3 wants to go sight in "her" rifle, too. We've had plenty of activity this summer despite the drought conditions. Been helping out the deer by putting out 5 gal of water every other day. Can I help it if the water "trough" just happens to be in my favorite hunting spot??? <grin>

thanks fellas for the warm welcome backs!!hopefully i can make time to be on dhc!!thanks again!!
Welcome back stranger. Is it hot up there too?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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