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hey all

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just checking in to say, no i have not left the site due to the pot thread. iv just bissy as heck. still working 6 days a week, building a roll cage for a friends race car. (91 acura integra pushing 550 HP to the tires, this thing is sick). and getting my mud truck ready for the big competition at the end of the month. pluss i still got my honey do list. i know i wont have time to bow hunt or muzzel loader this season. hopeing to atleast get in the woods a few weeks before rifel season opens to do some scouting.
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it's too bad you're passing up bow and muzzleloder but at least you'll get some hunting time in for your rifle season.
Good Luck :thumbup:
I'm feeling the squeeze on unting season this year too. My house project list is long and time consuming. I'm plugging away on it best I can squeeze it in. We have a baby (#2) on the way.My Wifes hoping for 10-10-10 but the due date is 10-24-10. Plus the budget is tight and I haven/t been able to get this years liscence yet. I'm hoping it all pulls through. If the bay comes earlier that will give time to settle in before the start of bow season. I also hope to run a trapline this year during the work week.

Its crunch time!!
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