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here I go again !!!!!

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Okay back from work for a 3 day weekend and goin hunting.
I will be hunting out of a blind that unfortunately I have to set up in the morning during that bright full moon. I will get it set up well before sunup.
The deer in this area are very used to human presence but even still I would like to know if anyone has any tips /ideas that will help. I plan on getting my first deer this weekend.

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Try to set up your blind in a spot where the deer can only go in front of you and not behind you. Be aware of which way the wind is blowing. Use a good cover scent like Scent Killer. Keep the windows behind you in the blind closed, only open the ones in front and a little bit on the sides. If you can try to wear a black hat or something so you blend in better with the inside of the blind. Good luck.
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