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ive got a couple food plots that the weeds are really giving a hard time, i have one clover, alfalfa, and chickory and one thats turnups. what kind of herbacide can i spray on them that will controll weeds but not kill the good stuff?????
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Thanks for putting t

Thanks for putting this info out there hopelulfy people are waking up to the Frankenfood industry. It's okay, you can call them *ssholes. You had me scared for a moment there, though, as I thought you were saying they're trying to change organic standards or something like that. It's bad enough they've taken over the conventionally grown foods with their genetically f*%ed up crap ('cause it ain't food!). 03-11-2010
check out whitetail institite and look at Slay and Arrest products. They are used for separate applications and are described in detail on their site.
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