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Ordered a pack of these a few weeks ago and glad i did. Once i update my glasses and add this lil bad boy, the muleys wont stand a chance!

Its mainly like a decal that sticks onto the surface of glass or plastic and allows you eye to focus on just a smaller area rather than the entire field of view. Rear sight and front sight is crystal clear now and easier to fix your eye on.

Its a little hard to see in the picture, but i put this sticky right in the corner of my glasses as thats where i feel most comfortable when lining up my sights.

That funny part, when i put this on, i did an " experiment" and used my bino's and focused through the lens. I could make out greater detail to objects way off in the distance.

I used to have to put Two 2" orange dots side by side in order to see this at 50 yards. This target was shot one time to make sure i had the sights adjusted to where they needed to be and it was. Perfect with the 245gr Powerbelts and 100gr Blackhorn209. This target was much to large now that i could make it out clearer but it was all i had with an orange dot on it so i made use of it.

From now on i can go back to using a 1" bulls eye and not worry about if i will be able to see it.

New glasses and this little sticky deal finally brought some fun back into shooting open sights LOL!
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