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Deer eat EVERYTHING - depending on whats there

Alfalfa is a constant source of browse in my area. But look to see what is growing around you. Don't plant that. Deer do like variety and are drawn to something different. After all, if everybody grows clover - why would deer prefer yours over your neighbors? Persimmons are a magnetic draw, as are apples and Paw Paw - but you need to grow the trees. A faster - and denser planting would be hazelnuts: planted intelligently in the area of your 'honey hole', in just a couple of years, the rapidly spreading thickets will not only draw deer, but turkey and other mast eaters. If you want a green attractant, there are specially developed strains of clovers, brasscias and other greens that provide more protein and deer-focused nutrition than the same crops planted for a cattle operation. So look around your neighborhood. Corn, soybeans, cow peas will bring deer in, if the neighbors aren't providing them. Give them cover and a tasty new treat and climb into your stand and watch 'em come. You will become a choosy hunter... Safe & productive hunting, brother!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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