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i also hunt pub land... most hunters dont hunt more than 1/4 mile from the truck or camp... lazy... the trick is to go where the other hunters dont want to. go to and pull up a photo of the place your hunting. find a good spot right in the middle of the place. that does two things for you. 1 all the hunters on the edge of the hunting area will push all the deer further in to the woods, 2 you dont have to worrie to much about someone walking up and spooking deer. take your stand out a few days befor your hunt. find a "well used" trail, fresh rub or scrape and put your stand within eye shot of the deer sign. make sure to have 2 good enter/exit routes and get in about a hour before daylight and stay in your stand as long as you can stand it... remember if your not there you cant kill the deer. depending on how high you hang your stand you want to be as still as you can so dont move around alot. dont be picky with your first deer, drop the first thing that walks out.
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