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Help Needed

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Hey guys,

Just came in from two and a half hours of searching for a 10+ point buck I shot. Was thinking of heading back out tomorrow but, I need some advise.
I shot him about 3 in. behind the left leg and about 7 in. Down from the spine. I followed his blood trail for 85 yards or so and ended up at a 5 ft. fence. Across the fence the blood trail stops about a 100 yards south from the place I shot him. The rain has washed all the signs of blood I'm sure by now.

To the point, what would you guys suggestion be to find the deer???

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Would be hard to say without REALY knowing the land lay out, did he jump the fence or try ? After a 85 yard run after a shot I wound t think he would try the fence but if he did you should defanatly know it, ( hair in the fence, stumbling tracks on the other side) anyways 99 % of the time they look for easy and always flat or down hill, very rare will a fatally hurt deer that I've ever seen or heard of go up hill. I would guess with your shot description your deer is 100 to 200 yards out, I'm guessing you could have clipped the back of the lungs or opened the chest cavedy up to the gut cavedy area, alot would depend on the color of the blood and good clean lung shots are realy bubbley.
I would say exhaust all of your efforts in trying to find the deer.
I found a lot of darkish blood drops about every foot or so while trailing him until the blood trail just stopped.
After he jumped the fence (found hair and blood on the fence post) he headed up hill for 10 to 20 yards and went around on the side of the hill and that's when I lost him.:wallbash:

I guess I'll take your advise timberghost. Thanks both of ya!!!
i would not give up! less than three hours tracking a not perfect shot harvest, would be lazy and disrespecfull to the deer in my opinion ! its one thing because of dark and re pick up the tracking at first light the next day but to just give up that fast on a search, thats just as bad as these trophy huntes that are going out and killing big ol bucks and just cuting off thier head and leaving the rest lay caz all they wanted was the head for the wall anyways,:ranting: .
if the rain is light you will still see blood it will just be a little harder to see and some it will help to see, a steady rain might just wash it all away but then i would then start at the last know spot (if you knew the rain was coming it would had helped to make the blood you had every few yards as refrance points, it does help kind of give you a sence of direction the deer was heading) but go back to your last point and start walking back n forth in a half moon patern stepping out about 20 yards at a time on each end or 10 yards if its thicher and pay attintion in the middle of the thich stuff,

now i dont want to rattle any cages or anything I have lost game before too, but i've neve not at least spent a full day or better trying to it either, i've just always felt i at leat owed it to the animal
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i beat if you look youll find he desided on that hill was a mistake and turned and quartered away down hill left or right. i bet ya 99 %
If you hit it in the area you said you did, more than likely you have a dead deer waiting to be found.
Don't allow yourself to become impatient so easily and give up too soon, a 10 + point Buck deserves as much tracking effort as possible,
keep this in mind it will be easier finding this dead one (because he isn't going anywhere) vs. trying to harvest another live one.
A gut/liver hit isnt ideal for tracking but it is a kill shot, the deer will be jumpy and heading in no specific direction which means he could end up anywhere,
he may go left for awhile and then turn to go right for no reason and then after 40 or 50 yards turn to head back left again, he's wounded and confused.
Wounded deer try to head for water that's another thing you might want to keep in mind.
Good Luck and let us know if you find him, i'd love to see his pics.
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Deer leave tracks...find tracks, follow tracks, find deer. Blood is nice when you have it, but sometimes you don't get it. As long as it hasn't rained hard since he went through, and not too many more deer moved on the same path you should be able to find and follow the tracks.
i would search and search and search somemore. I am not a fan of leaving dead deer just because I can't find them. He'd dead somewhere if you found that much blood. Get some buddies, find some help and go searching for him. They can hide in the strangest of places man. Heck, if I wasn't busy I'd travel the 30 miles up north and help you out. I love doing that.
Thats what I thought tator. He is out there dead and I just need to find him.

I spent four hours this morning searching and will spend some more. The rain from last night has washed all signs of blood. all I have now is the last place I saw blood and fur. I followed the stream that was down at the bottom of the hill for about 1/2 mile. Should I go further or what???
What I would do is go to the last place you saw blood and begin doing circles from that area. Since there are no blood signs left, just keep circling around. The funny thing about deer is that they hardly EVER go in a straight line after being hit. I've heard many stories about deer being hit and running one direction and ending up 200 yds in the opposite dirrection. That's why I suggest the circle thing. Check leaf piles or places where the ground is lower than normal. Try brushy places too. They sometimes like going into thick thorn areas or weeded areas for cover because they know they need to lay down. I've also had an experience where one crawled up under the exposed roots of a tall oak on the side of a creek. Took me FOREVER to find her, but there she was and she was camoflagued in well.
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Noah, I meant to keep on trying to find the deer until you can honestly say that you've tried like heck and did all you can to find him. I may have worded my previous post wrong, sorry.
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