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Well first off I wanted to say hello to this great community. But my real thing i wanted to ask was my Dad always said he would take me hunting but I think he either forgot or just won't and I was wondering if any fathers could give me any advice in fact any teens. Its not because he doesn't like me using guns since I grew up with em' and shot em' most of my life. So just wanted to say hey and get this answered.:thumbup:
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advice on getting him to bring you? or hunting advice?

Well he use to hunt and now I'm trying to get him to go hunting and bring me along as well.
i will say this. i am a dad and would much rather my son hunt with me than by himself. i see you mention being a teen. that is i wide gap my advice to a 17 year old would be much different than to a 13 year old. how old are you?
13 but very mature and smart for my age and i defiantly know gun safety and I am safe
if the laws in your state are the same as in mine, you can not hunt by yourself. so that option is out. if you are meture for you age, than you more than likely have the respect of your dad. i would ask him to sit down with you for a talk. then ask him why it is he does not want to take you? he may have a spacfic consern about you hunting that need to be adressed. then you will know what needs to be fixed, before he will take you. it may just be that he does not want to drag himself out of bed at 4:30am on his day off from work. in that case if you have and unkle that will take you you could sugesst that. or if he has a friend he trust with your safty that he ask that friend to take you.
:goodposting:Thank you for your advice I will try next time I see him and maybe he might take me. Also Happy Hunting!
no prob. i hope all works out well. on more sugestion. if you havent taken hunter safty yet i would sugesst you do. you will learn lots of good info there as well as prove even more responcibility to your dad. happy hunting, and i hope you stick around on this site. lots of good info hear.
Ya actually I think I will stick around espically if I go hunting ya and I sure am glad I grew up around guns and animals made my life a lot funner but a little less scary in a way. Also do you where i can find the course online thanks in advance if you can.:w00t:
check the dept. of fish and game web site for the state you live in. it should have the dates and locations of all the hunter safty corces in you area.
Welcome aboard HuntingJames glad to have you hear. Good Posting HuntNH.
Welcome aboard HuntingJames glad to have you hear. Good Posting HuntNH.
I second that TG! HuntNH was dead center.:yes::thumbup:
Welcome Hunting James, it took me some years to convince my dad to start hunting again with me. He had been a hunter for many years then a family and job seemed to leave not much time for the kids. Finally, he started hunting with me and my brother for many years after. I would do your chores (shows responsibility) keep on him about spending quality time with you, and remind him of how much fun he had hunting and how much it means to you to share it with him. Maybe have him read our posts! Good luck with your dad!
I wanted to say welcome as well HuntingJames. Here is a quick link to where you can see what hunter education classes you would want to take for your state.

Good luck with your dad.
Greetings HuntingJames, Welcome to the Deer Hunters Club. Good Luck with your Dad.
welcome james, first is show him that you are a very responsible person with the everyday stuff, this takes a period of time, and ask him point blank to teach you about hunting. hitting around is sometimes misunderstood and coming right out and asking shows signs of being a grownup. as well as how you handle his response either way.
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