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Hello New To The Site.

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Hello. My name is Nate. I am a huntahollic. I live in Ma. Near the rock in plymouth. I love bow hunting. I usually use my bow during shotgun and black powder season. The only time I don't use my bow is when a bunch of us are doing a drive. I do have some questions but befor I ask I am going to look through some of the old forums see if they have all ready been asked. I hope i can help answer some question as well. Well hope to talk to you all soon. Thanks in advance for you answers as well.
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greetings and welcome, enjoy you time here :ibtl:
Wlecome to the forum man, greetings from Western New York.
Greetings from Vermont Nate. My name is Bruce, I am a Rackaholic.
a welcome from tennessee. make yourself at home
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