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Hello from Ollie Hill at Sybarite Sporting Ltd….thank you for allowing me to join the forum…

I founded Sybarite Sporting Ltd in 1999 building on a passion for the countryside and sustainable use wildlife conservation. Having the good fortunate to grown up on the family estate in North Yorkshire (England), I worked as a gamekeeper and then studied ‘Game & Wildlife Management’ for three years at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, followed by ‘Rural Estate Management’ for another three at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, England.

Sybarite Sporting organise authentic bespoke hunting itineraries and shooting days for those wishing to ‘actively’ contribute to sustainable wildlife conservation management, that supports symbiotic relationships between managed wildlife ecosystems, and local (often indigenous and/or tribal) communities.

Driven Grouse shooting and Red Deer hunting in northern England and highlands of Scotland.

Ibex, Chamois & Driven Wild Boar in Spain, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Romania.

Cape Buffalo and Bush/Plains Game hunting safaris in Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

When in the UK, I divide my time between a Highland deer forest in Perthshire, Scotland, rural Dorset and London. My main rifle calibres are .243, 30.06 and .416 Rigby.

I am passionate about the sustainable use of natural resources, and in-turn create ‘Ivory Tusk Cufflinks & Pendants’ from harvested animals -

I looking forward to learning more from fellow hunters and conservationists…
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