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Hello DHC members.

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My name is John Masta. I found this site yesterday while researching sites with hunting tips. It is a goal of mine to someday enter the hunting industry, one way or the other. This website has very good content and the conversations in the forums seem like a good read.
I am an avid Michigan deer hunter of 30 years, I believe ethics are everything when it comes to the hunt. I am glad I found this site and will do my best to contribute where I can. Talk to you soon. John
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Howdy John, Greetings from Vermont & Welcome to the Club. :thumbup:
hey John welcome from Ohio. I like your thinking and hope to have you join in here! What part of Michigan do you hunt? I'm familiar with the Guinn area of the UP and NE area around Glennie Michigan.
Welcome as well from Tennessee!!! Enjoy yourself on here..
Welcome from the "Big Sky Country" of Montana where we have eleven huntable big game species!
Thanks for the warm welcome. To Hunting Man In the early years I hunted Oceola Co. in the center of the LP. In the last 10 I've been hunting Lapeer Co. in the southern LP (better bucks healthier herd,closer to home) with the occasional hunt in the Huron National Forest Iosco Co.near Hale.
I had a cabin in the Huron National Forrest in Alcona county.
Welcome from Central Texas! Hope you enjoy the site and get out of it as much as I have.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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