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Heavy arrow or light???

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Whats yalls intake on choosing the right hunting arrow. I got a 28.5" draw lenth and pulling back 60lbs. I shoot a 7.5gpi.
Hoyt Rampage
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I like the heavier arrows for hunting. Weight = penetration.
I like the heavier arrows for hunting. Weight = penetration.
Same here.. I think you would have a better chance of downing the deer if your shot was a little off..
I have a 27.5 draw length and shoot 10.2 grains per inch and 28 in arrow with a 100 gr point. equals like 385 gr. not fast but hits hard....
KE is what you are looking to achieve.
Take the total mass of your hunting arrow and multiply it with your arrow velocity squared and divide that by 450,240. that will give you your arrows kinetic energy. keep in mind that 65 lbs of kinetic energy is enough to take on the largest of big game anywhere.

also keep in mind that, as important as weight of the arrow is, that any change in the spline to gain that weight could have drastic effects on your accuracy.
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