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Haybale Stand...

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Dad and I just got finished making my stand this is supposed to look like a bale of hay... I think we did a pretty awesome job...It took us about 2-3 weeks to complete....we were pacing ourselves. But I think the deer should pay not attention to it, and since we just got finished making the hay and still have the bales out in the pasture they won't even notice that it is different -- and come time to pick the bales up we will just "forget" one. Can't wait to try it out!

Rolling the hay onto the frame

No windows....yet
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In the pasture ready to go!
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to cool! thats awesome!
ETD, That is an Awesome blind! You and your Dad did a great job.
You're definately going to make the family proud when you fill up the
freezer with all that Venison this season.
:thumbup: :thumbup:
take a bow that is great.:pickle:
NOW THAT IS PRETTY NEET:thumbup: I'M SURE IT WILL WORK OUT FOR YOU., can I steal your idea?
Basspro actually has a stand that is for bird hunting but it is made out of fabric
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Well their's doesnt look 1/2 as nice as yours...
Yours is VERY natural looking and I dont think yours will spook deer at all,
In fact I think yours is going to work as a good cover scent also. :thumbup:
I bet you are going to see some serious Venison come hunting season
I sure hope I see some...I'm working on getting them used to it...but it shouldn't take them anytime because they have more than likely seen haybales every year of their lives -- but I have placed my trail cam and some corn about 25-30 yards from the stand...It would be cool to get some video of velvet bucks...:photo:
That blind is great! A little imagination and presto."If you build it they will come". Having you and your dad build it together will bring back fond memories for a life time. I was wondering if your Dad hunts with you as that would be the ultimate. I got my Dad to hunt/fish with me for almost 20 years! We still talk about those trips from time to time. I highly admire the relationship You/Dad show!
He used to hunt 'back in the day' but he mostly sits in the stand with me now
I can't think of anything better than that. Well maybe a nice 10pt that he helps drag out!
ETD my son built one just like it a couple of years ago. It didn't look as good as yours and he used burlap to cover it. I thought he was crazy. He set it on a fencerow alongside a hay field and it worked like a charm. They never thought twice about it. Good job to you and your dad. Looks great!
:biggrin: Thats awesome.. What more can I say. Thats a cool blind..

P.S. You think your dad would deliver some of those round bales to TN? Along with a blind too?

That is AWSUM!! iv never seen anything like that. Good idea!:pickle:
Can you come to tennessee and make me one too?:wink:
I was thinking about this Blind today So I decided to bump it up so all the new members and everyone can see who the #1 GRITS is !!!!! :biggrin::thumbup:
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