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Decided to do a little round ball shooting today!

Started off with the CVA Hawken .50cal and the load listed on the picture. Not bad, but not great. I am looking at improving it for a nice accurate load for 100 yard fun. Love this gun! Trigger breaks at 13oz with the set trigger engaged!

Now for some REAL fun! I took along with me some tubes loaded with 90gr American Pioneer 2f and the 250gr Powerbelt Aerolites.
Packages says 300gr but these were 250gr. The 300's were a bit much with the 100gr load and i didn't like shooting that even off the lead sled LOL.

Not bad right?

Surely i could improve? After going inside and reloading the tubes, i brought back with me 100gr American Pioneer 2F and again the 250gr Powerbelt Aerolite. Normally i havent had much luck with 250gr conicals with american pioneer, especially anything 100gr and above. What the heck, why not?

First shot was on a cold bore, next 2 were shot and reloaded with a hot bore. Im lovin this 100gr 2f - 250gr Aerolite load!

I plan on playing with this load some more but with 3f American Pioneer the next time i am out. I have plenty of 3f left for winter fun so i may as well find an accurate load for it.
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