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Has anyone used Mossberg's LBA trigger?

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First off, I'd like to say I like the whole site and found the recipes area the most interesting. :wink:

So, I was looking at the Mossberg ATR 100 for this year's deer season, one of the things that interests me is its adjustable trigger. After reading alot of reviews on the rifle, it seems none mention the adjustable trigger or were written before it came out. If anyone could share their knowledge on this, I'd be very happy.

I'm also open to listening to opinions on other budget rifles in .270 or .30-06 too.
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I think mainly its a liability issue when it comes to adjustable triggers. some of remingtons adjust easily. Savage has both the adjustable and the accu-trigger. and a gunsmith can "clean up" the trigger on other rifles. remington has come out with their own version of the accu-trigger. I don't know anything about the mossberg 100 but seems I have heard some not so good things about them from those that have bought one, although you'll get differing opinions on just about any rifle. I was never interested in mossberg so I haven't payed much attention to the stories about them. After fit, the trigger is the biggest factor in shooting tight groups in my opinion. there is normally a disagreement amongst folks, but $$ is way down on my list of factors when it comes to purchasing anything. So i have to save longer or work extra to get the thing I want. In the long run I think I'm happier with the decision to go the extra.
I can't offer advice on the Mossberg's But I can tell ya that the Weatherby Vanguard in several different calibers is a SUPER DEAL at 399. U.S. Dollars
I purchased 1 mossberg, a 835 shotgun, my son took it over. I'm not a big fan of mossberg firearms and will probably get some differing feedback but, I agree with ronn, save just a bit more and get either a better quality used rifle or a brand new one and I think you'll be happier in the long run. The Mossberg 835 ended up with a small broken extractor pin on the reciever, not a big thing but something that should not happen. The Weatherby Vanguard is a high quality mid-priced firearm. I ended up with 3 Weatherby 270 wm MV's and hate them, the stocks do not fit me very well. One horse likes the titka (spelling?) firearms, and you won't go wrong with Rem, Win, and even the Savage line is very accurate and afforadable. Take your time study some more and shop wisely. In today's economic times you should be able to find a deal on something you will appreciate. 308 270 30-06 280 are all excellent calibers to look at.
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