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Has anyone seen this before?

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I have gotten multiple pictures of this doe. Her tongue is always hanging out. I have even gotten video of her. I don't believe she can get her tongue back in her mouth. If I see her while hunting I intend to take her out of the gene pool. Should I put her in the freezer? Would the meat be okay to eat?

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That's something I've never seen. I wonder how the heck she swallows. She looks to be in good shape. Something happened to her. :crazy:
I have in fact seen this before, and on a hunting video to boot. I find out which one and report back. I was also curious about the deer in the video but the hunter didnt seem to pay it any mind.
I don't know why this Deer's tongue is hanging out but If you want my best guess, I would say it's probably caused by a problem with her nervous system maybe too much stress at one time or another, there's also the possibility that maybe this deer had a heart-attack or some sort of a stroke.

As far as the meat, If you harvest this deer you could take it to one of your local biologists for a quick visual exam, I doubt there's a problem with the meat but you might feel a little better hearing that from a trained expert.
that is unusual. That tongue looks abnormally LONG too, besides the fact that it's always hanging out. Not sure if I'd chance the meat or not, but would definately take her out of the herd...
Wierd. I think she needs the glasses with the fuzzy eyebrows and big nose.
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