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Happy Birthday TimberGhost

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Happy Birthday TG & Best Wishes for many, many more !!!
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happy birthday to you
Thank you fellas, I do appreciate the kind words. My pops brought me a cool present. It's a chair that has a blind that flips up over it and it is awesome. I watched TV sitting in it. I think that I will have a blast in there. Oh, it's waterproof too.

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nice chair good for gun can ya draw a bow in it?Ive seen them on tv
Where's Jeff Foxworthy at???????????????

You might be a ******* if you break in your new birthday hunting blind in the living room while you watch t.v.

Hope your having a good one T.G.
Joel I don't know about drawing a bow in it, but the guy on the box has a gun with him. Hey Buck, does that make me an honorary ******* now????
TG, happy Birthday buddy, thats a pretty cool blind/chair combo.
Happy Birthday man! Now I just want a picture of you watching tv in that chair. :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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