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Happened to You

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I must be lucky but not enough luck to win large sums of cash in a lottery.
I have been spared 2 treestands over the last few years. Does anyone have similiar stories to share?

Stand 1 - A few years ago I left a treestand in the woods for 2 years. The area dried up on sign so I abandoned it. I finally got around to getting the stand out. The stand was set back off the road about 1/2 mile or 3 ridges. The area was cut over heavy with no selective cutting. They took every tree in the area so it looked like a nuclear bomb went off. I climbed the last ridge and wallah...there she is. The only tree left right dead center in a 300x300 yard area had my treestand in it. (stand got stolen the following year)

Stand 2 - I knew they were cutting in the area of my treestand but far enough away where I wasn't too concerned. Again, I left the stand out 1 year too long and when I went to retrieve it they cut the edge of the cutdown right to my stand. Now my stand is overlooking a giant cutdown but spared. There was alot of deer sign but I didn't want to leave it no longer.
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wow talk about respectful loggers.too bad some"hunter" stole it.that burns me up:wallbash:
i never leave them up over the winter. i take a torch in to thaw out the locks.
use your hand warmers on em it works,my nephew came up with that one
Im like ronn I always take em out.. Except this past year. Its on private land though. Im not on that lease this year since i moved so I need to get back up there and get them. Unless I want to hunt off the ground an awful lot this year. :bag:

Like joel said thats some respectful loggers.. Ive never heard of them leaving a tree just because a stand was in it.
Probably afraid of spikes or nails in the tree. I've seen them do that here.
been lucky so far i leave my stands out all year...add a few ladder stands each year.......i lost count
Something similar has happened here. A gravel company cleared a road from a field to another for access and must've been a ladder stand along projected path because the dirt road now has a ladder stand off to one side. Like they used just enough room to get through without messing with the tree or ladder. I do thank those who are respectful of the other hunters about because the woods is for relaxation peace and all that. Shouldn't have to be worrying about theft and tampering.
during the season i leave mine out cabled up with a good master padlock after the season is over i take em down,i worry about limbs crushing them and critters eating the seats,straps etc,that has happened already(eating) also the ice can wreck havoc on the welds etc. before they go in i give em a once over and dab a coat of paint over all welds ,weather it needs it or not,paints cheap,forces me to inspect the whole thing for damage
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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