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handi rifles

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this is for anyone who wants to buy a great gun but dont have a lot of money to spend handi rifles are dependable accurate and wont break the bank and come in many different calibers my daughter has one in 30.06 and it shoots great
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Wanted to try 25 06 couple years ago and all could find at the time was a Handi Rifle. Very accurate and well built. Son hunts with it now.
Here is my new Handi Rifle in 7mm-08 that I topped off with a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40mm BDC retical scope. My hunting bullet is factory as I do not have loading dies for this one yet. Federal Premium 140-gr Barnes TSX

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Pretty cool looking gun youv'e got there.
Pretty cool, and as long as it hits where you aim what else do you need.
Great guns scary accurate. Good deal for the money.
I hunt with a .308 HR with a Nikon Prostaff. they are fantastic guns.
I have a handi-rifle chambered in 30/30 that I got brand new for $145. I through a scope on it, and it shoots very well. How often do you need more then one shot to drop your game. I think it makes it more of a challenge, and sort of trains you to make sure you are taking a good shot.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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