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Gun Camo

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I decided for this turkey season im gonna camo my gun.Not tape or anything like that im painting it.Ibroke out the airbrush and started i'll have some befor and after pics for you guys after opening week,i need to finish the roll.:bye:
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id like to see that. i hope you have a steadier hand than i got. i think i would mess that up quite well.
joe if your good you might of found a side job

will the heat of the shot do anything to the paint over time?

It seems like airbrush paint would scratch off easy too?
i put down two base coats.and i aplly each airbrush coat lightly then th whole thing get sealed with flat seale.the heat can only bake it in
still say post a pic of here and on the other board might make your self a few bucks to buy more guns or paint to make money painting guns to buy more paint:bye:
Joel the signman,

I know this is an old thread but I'm going to try to resurrect it...I actually found it via a google search. Did you ever do this? If so, could you post some pics. I was thinking about having my Browning 300 win mag camo dura-coated, but then started thinking that I'd really like to do the same to a shotgun and a crossbow. So, instead of paying someone $2-300 for doing one gun, I might put that into a gun and compressor and learn on the crossbow and shotgun before I tackle might favorite.

So, if you've got any suggestions or tips, please share them as well...especially on buying equipment...what brands to look for, etc...

thats cool i did it but i didnt want to strip the original paint/bluing off the gun.Its still camo'd after all this time but some areas on the receiver the paint is wearing off and you can see the black underneath.Everything else looks good.I did it with a airbrush and model paints.I made stencils of oak leaves and over sprayed them onto a base coat.Since i was forced to do this inside i dint go as heavy as i would have liked too.Let me think about it this some more and i'll get back to you.It wasnt hard to do and i would say go for it.i do remember that you have to dis assemle the gun and mask off all areas where ya dont want paint to go
Awesome! Thanks! I appreciate any help. I just started thinking about paying $300 for one gun, and figured I'd learn myself for about that much and be able to do 2-3 of my guns...granted it won't be as good as if done professionally, but if I can get some practice, I could pick up some money on the side too. I know some friends that would already be interested.
Thanks bud!
do you have an airbrush? i saw someone do it with krylon camo spray paint somewhere.that would cost 4$ a can
No, no airbrush yet. That's what I was saying though...rather than pay someone $300 to do one gun, I thought I'd put that $300 or so into an airbrush and compressor and learn myself to be able to do all my guns. What brand equipment do you have and are you pleased with it? So far, I've just heard to at least get middle-of-the-road equipment because of the problem with cheap stuff sputtering during spray.

Yeah, I'd heard about the rattlecan krylon, but heard it looed not even close as good to a decent airbrush job.

Do you happen to have any pics of yours?
Like Joel said Krylon works fine. What I did is buy 4 diff flat camo colors lay down a molt of green and light brown. Then go to the craft store and buy a couple of fake fern and maple leaf swigs to use as stencils. Now paint over them with a molt of black and dark brown
(grey works too). It will turn out beautiful. For the cost of $30 you can do about 4 guns. If you are nervous practice on a piece of card board. Key thing is to keep your coats light.:thumbup:

Thanks for the tips. I might try this on my old shotgun. I guess the worst that could happen is that I have to go back over it with an airbrush. I also have a cheap Horton Yukon SL that I could try it on...hardly worth much anyway.

How long ago did you do this? Has it held up? Any flaking? Did you do anything to prep the gun, like roughing up the finish, sanding, etc...? Again, thanks a ton!
If it is a wood stock scuff it a little. All metal should be wiped clean with stove alcohol.

How do you get the smell of paint off your gun
shoot it and get the smell of cordite on it:crazy:
If you guys are painting wood stocks you're really killing me.:shocking:
Lots of people are doing that down here Hunting Man. I guess it's the latest rage....
its no biggie HM ya can always sand off the paint and restain the wood:wink:
The tears are falling like giant rain drops. I hope no one is painting up good walnut or striped maple! To each their own, but why all the painting? I have heard of people air brushing long range varmit rigs, but none of them were painting wood stocks. Need in-put, what's the reason behind the painting craze? thanks HM
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