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Guessatmate on what this would score?

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This was one of the last bucks my grandfather killed before he passed away 3 years ago. Havent had it scored but just curious to what everyone thought. Sorry its not the best picture. My dad thought 130ish, i was leaning on 120ish.


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by the way the right antler has 5 points on it, again sorry its not a great picture lol
can't see it real well but I'll say 130 also.
only a quick guess but i'm think around 124 gross. nets are for fishing buts its hard to tell. nice that you guys think of his deer and hunts.
ill try to find a better picture where u can get a better view of the rack, that was just a picture i took with my cell phone while i was at camp yesterday
its what 16-17" inside? one main beam 18ish the other 20ish? roughly 9" g2s and 3s? 2" brows? yea you are probably pretty close at 120. give or take a couple
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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