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Ground Blinds

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I'm thinking about using a ground blind for the first time to do some bow hunting. Any suggestions or tips when using one?

Thanks, Scott.
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set it up well before hunting season at least a month before. I usually set mine up in the middle of the summer. It gives the animals time to get used to it
don't rely on the camo itself add some brush & vegetation from the area you plan to hunt
the more windows you have open the easier it is to see you in the blind
I always leave the windows behind me closed
I also always spray down the inside & outside with scent killer every hunt
most important practice shooting your bow from the blind a lot
I second everything GFD said... I have a ground blind in a wagon, that way I'm raised up off the ground a bit. Plus I'm not eye level to them
Can't help you with a stand for bow -- but have used something as simple as 3 wooden pallets flipped on end for my deer stand. Sat on empty kitty litter buckets while waiting for the ornery critters to show up. But have to agree with everything gfd said about when to set it up and all.

Was recently given a "free" deer blind - all I had to do was go pick it up. Will have to apply the scent killer to see if that helps this year.

Free is good! All one needs is the advise from above. Know your wind and try to locate the blind accordingly. I would try to find a point where you might be able to shoot both sides overlooking fields ect.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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