Ingredients & Items you need:
  • 2 Salmon Fillets
  • Salt
  • "Hot Shot" Black and Red Pepper Blend
  • 2 Lemons
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Gas or Charcoal Grill
Pre-heat your grill to a Med-High heat.
  1. You'll need two strips of foil. Make them large enough to fold over to seal in salmon fillets. Put the salmon on the foil and squeeze 1/2 lemon on each salmon fillet or pour about 2Tbs. Lemon juice over the top. Then sprinkle with pepper blend and salt.
  2. Slice the other lemon in thin strips and place on the salmon; depending on the size of your fillet you'll probably only need four slices for each fillet.
  3. Seal the foil by folding the tops over the fillet and then each side of the foil to the edges of each fillet. The key when wrapping the fillet is to insure that no air is able to penetrate the foil.
  4. Place on Grill. Grill each side six(6) minutes flipping only once. If your fish is slightly frozen, Grill eight minutes per side.
  5. An easy way to tell when your fillets are ready is when the foil starts to expand or puff up after the second flip. To know for sure that the fish is done when you poke it with a fork it should flake and come apart easily.
This is a really easy recipe, but it tastes great!!

Adding Lemon Juice Adding Lemons On the Grill Finished Salmon Fillets

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