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Green Thumb?

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Do we have any veggie gardners on here?? Or am I the only one that likes fresh fired okra, fried squash, grilled sweet corn, etc.. Man im making myself hungry..
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We plant a small garden evry year, Squash, tomatos. lots of pepers, green jalipino,Banana, Okra, cantalope, leaf lettuce. Will probably start as soon as the ground dries a little.
I was guessing you would have a garden buckshot.. Alot of Tennesseans seem to have one..

I got a question..

Have ya'll ever heard that hybrid seeds make a unhealthy vegetable... Reason im asking is my mother-in-law said she watched a show on one of the history type channels that was talking about ill effects of hybrid seeds due to the chemicals and such they use on them to make them disease resistant.. I very rarely use a hybrid but did order a few this year. Its making me wonder now.. Supposedly folks got sick and a few died from it..
And the U.S. is the only place that makes it legal for hybrids to be sold.. Ive never heard this before and could find absolutley nothing about it in google..
I plant a small garden every year. beans, tomato, zucinni, peppers, basics. Hybrids I believe are simply genetically enhanced and basically healthy to consume. I doubt they taste as well as the old stand-bys as many are enhanced to grow faster taller and bare more fruit which may have over time reduced some taste quality??
I have never heard anything about the hybrids being bad for you. What's not hybrid anymore, there are more kinds of tomato plants when I go to buy them it's hard to decide which ones.
I grow some tomato,s for my wife,,every thing else is just to look at, the yard is full..there was some talk about round up ready beens other countrys did'nt like .
i said to the wife when we move i want to start a garden and maybe a greenhouse.I want to try caning too,i remember my mom doing it,that and making jams
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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