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gonna be a beautiful weekend. its 47 and bright sunshine at 1/4 to 12. tomorrow looks to be the same. shot the bow a few with the fall a way but the jury is still out. man its a quite bow with that stop on it. i'll shoot some tomorrow after fishing. hanging around the house today my daughter leaves for the last time to go back to school. one more trip down and in 7 weeks last trip back as she will graduate. so after she splits tomorrow i'm going fishing then I'll get some cameras out and shooting. bought a thermocell today. i bought a new video camera the other day, should be here in the next day or two. I have a plan of making a dvd of the way i spring turkey hunt. the guy i fish with hunts the same way. pretty unique way nothing you will see on any dvd or tv show. my buddy has a friend that will be here from ga to hunt and i'll video that hunt, my sons, mine, my buddies, his son, a kid i videoed last youth weekend, and we'll probably go mess with some birds before and after the season (not in our woods though). this guy from ga has a connection with muzzy or primos or somewhere I'm not sure with whom. turkey season is fast approaching the down side is it looks to be an early green up so that will make things a little tough but its all better than good, its great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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