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Great news

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I just got off the phone and secured my best hunting spot for at least two years. I am convinced this place is the center of the deer universe. It is 900acres in two old over grown farms and is absolutly covered up in deer. The two best things about it is 1 it's free and 2 I am the only one that that has permision to hunt it.

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that is a good deal. what county is it in if you don't mind saying?
Hamilton, up in the Birchwood area.
900 acres is a lot to have to yourself. Shouldn't be any reason that you don't get a big buck and fill all you tags. grin Now you just need to get the deer to cooperate. good luck with that.
More like a dream come true! Congrats!
Sounds too good to be true. I don't suppose you need any help controlling all those deer now. Do you? PLEASE!!!
I was looking at my calander and guess what i got time on my hands.......hint hint:surprised::bye:
See, we could have a get together after all. Let's meet at Buckshots place:w00t:

Congrats, Buckshot
I think y'all missed the part about me being the only one that can hunt it.:lol:
Sweet Deal!!!good Luck This Hunting Season.
Lets see... Hamilton County. I can be there in 1 hour easy. :biggrin:

Congrats on hunting spot you dont have to pay for. Those are hard to come by these days!!
Lets see... Hamilton County. I can be there in 1 hour easy. :biggrin:

Congrats on hunting spot you dont have to pay for. Those are hard to come by these days!!

So true. I did voluteer to clean up the north end some, she has a big field thats probably 200 acres she is about to loose if it doesn't get cut.
You're may be the only one that can hunt, but we all like to eat.
I hear that, I still have a freezer full of meat we are going to have to get busy to finish it up.

I wish I could take some hunters in that property, it needs more deer taken out than what I have been taking. The land owner is scared to death of being sued if someone gets hurt. I have tried to bring up a lease to have a small club with insurance but she is paranoid about law suits so I dropped it not wanting to press her. I have taken 14 deer off there in the last two years and it's not had any effect on the herd that I can tell. Between the drought last year and the total loss of all the hard mast I have been worried about the deer making it. The browse line is as bad as I have ever seen but on the positive side there is a lot of browse available because there is so much old fields grown over.

I plan on taking a long time to get the bush hogging done I promised her, by just working on it a couple of hours one or two nights a week. That way I can get some cameras set up and start taking a census. I have a friend with the wildlife agency who is a wildlife biologist I am going to recruit to help figure out what needs to be done, if anything.
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i was just playing,good luck with the property.after you do all the work i hope it pays off for ya.dont forget to post some pics once the cameras are up:thumbup:
I have to round up some cameras I think 5 to 10 would be good.
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