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Just got a call from my grandson. He is still in the field with his very first deer ever. A large doe he shot with his Rem 308. He is so happy and I am so proud.

I bought him his Lifetime Vermont License the day after he was born.

Best investment I ever made.

He is 14 years old.

His story: He was sitting with his dad while his other grandpa and two of his dads friends were pushing an area of woods towards him. All of a sudden he could see a deer coming thru the woods. It stopped at 94 yards with his dads rangefinder but was behind a tree. He waited. Finally it stepped out from behind the tree and he took aim and fired. Deer dropped to her belly and crawled an additional 20 yards and expired. One shot straight thru her heart. Actual weight at checkin was 115# dressed without heart or liver.


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I can just imagine how happy and proud you are, the Lifetime License A Great investment for sure!!!

Please post some pics and details when you get all the info.

Deer antlers are a r

Deer antlers are a relust of the deer's age & diet (protein basically). If you see the relusts of some studies, you can see that, for healthy deer on a good diet, that the antlers get progressively larger for the first 5 yrs (+/-) and then get smaller, if the deer lives that long. Antlers are one of the deer's "mating" mechanisms, in that they use them to attract females & fight other males.There are some studies that show if the deer does not have decent food available, then he'll have smaller or deformed antlers as a relust. (another reason for culling in certain conditions).Deer (white tail) shed their antlers every year (basically at the end of winter / beginning of spring which coincides with the end of mating season. Hope this helps.
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