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Grandson Takes 1st With 243

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Zachary White 12yo takes his first buck with Remington 700 in 243 with 95Gr. Ballistic Tip Hand loads.:eek:wned:
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Congradulations!! he must be pumped after that! the first deer is always a trophy in their eyes. How big was it anyway? the pic didnt show up on my screen

tell him some guy he doesnt know, says crongradulations!
congrats to you and your grandson, your first deer is always a trophy.
Congratulations Zachary !!! Congrats to you too Grandpa !
A Young Hunters First Deer is so Awesome !!! :thumbup:

Have you got any pictures to post in the Gallery for us?? :biggrin:
Awesome Zach, the first of many to come. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND GRAMPA!!!!!!
congrats to all. thats got to be pretty cool.

the pic did not show up on mine either. id like to see that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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