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gota say it

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gota to say it to get it off my chest:
hang on to your britches folks. This is shaping up to be one of the worst days in US history. Thank God for the south. Can I move down there and try that seceding thing again? NH, according to the projections, just help send this country into the next depression. Here comes that sucking sound that Ross Perot was talking about, only louder, as more businesses leave the US for friendlier countries which means high unemployment and less $$ flowing through our economy. We are really going to see what a welfare state looks like. Not to mention a rewriting of the Constitution from the black and white words that our forefathers wrote to shades of gray that will eventually fade away. SAD SAD day if it turns out the way it looks to be. ron
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I wish more guys like ya ll would come on down here, despite what the polls say its plenty of Obama supporters in my area. So come on down we'll go hunting.
Stock prices on KY are going to go through the roof.:no::wallbash:
:no: Something needs to change quick.. Its not lookin good..

I dont even know what to say. Cant believe our Country voted so liberal.

These Southern states made me proud though.
yeah im really disapointed in the american people,at least mississippi did our part! sad day indeed.
hide your guns and money:bag:
I never thought I'd see America weaken as badly as It did tonight.
In my entire lifetime I've never felt so much pain for any man as I do right now for John McCain,
Too many American's for whatever reason totally ignored the commitments and sacrifices he gave for this country,
his role as a War Hero alone should have paved his way to the white house but instead he was insultingly ignored and
disregarded for a man that never served in the military.
That's what makes me so sick about the whole deal, McCain deserved the presidency not Obama,
What Obama knows about war you can scribe on the top of a pin, what obama knows about running this country you can scribe on another pin.
oh we are in a heck of a mess now. It's time to stop spending, Everybody better start hoarding all the money they can muster,
we're going to need it to survive the next few years.

Now it has to be said that the only reason Obama is in the whitehouse is because he's black and too many ignorant voters put him there for that sole reason, simply because of the color of his skin, that's sad but the part that I think is funny is, those people that voted purely for skin color failed to recognize is, he's 1/2 white SO technically they still aren't getting a Black President, they're only getting 1/2 of what they voted for.
There, I've exercised my first amendment privilege.
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I agree with alot of what you said Bruce except the "sole reason he is in the whitehouse"

I dont think it was because he is black. I think its because all he talked about was "Change" and the majority of people who voted never looked into any issues. He spoke well and he said only 1 thing.. "change". Most of Americans that vote watch a couple news shows on TV, maybe catch 1 debate (if their favorite TV show isnt on). They vote for who they liked better. Change is something everyone thinks we need. He said that magic word and boom everybody and their granny are running to vote. Yes african-americans did vote more than usual but they are still a minority in this Country.
tHEY SAY; DESPERATE PEOPLE DO DESPERATE THINGS: This country is in such dire straits, and people want to believe there is a magic wand, but forgot the most important rule: IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY ISN'T TRUE.
No one is thinking clearly, and what this all means, never mind, he truly is just a spokesman for congress, with a few liberties...I did notice his acceptance speach, all of a sudden became VAGUE, with the words like, will try, and block by block, and maybe not in his term....
In other words, your hand is on fire, and the only thing available is a bucket of hot water, your so desperate to put the flame out, you stick your hand in the hot water, hoping for relief, only too find, it's burning more than ever...
Were on a ONE WAY STREET now, and it's too late to bang a U ee.:confused:
Akansas did not put him there...but we will have to live with him.if john would have told more people what he would do instead of what obama was doing he would have won...obama speaks well ...but i am delbert the plumber..i hope he ment 250,000 when he said it..
Delbert that was gross. Even a very small bus. wil be bent over.:no:
Lets see this in a different light.
Would you hire a licensed electrician, or someone who knows the basics?
Would you let a student operate on you, or a doctor?
Would you put a newby behind the desk, or a seasoned employee?
No one heard of Obama, he just barely got elected to the senate, he has barely learned his way around the state, nevermind the country. All he has done is offer the bucket of HOT WATER, to put the fire out. Those that are desperate, WANT, to believe, he is the answer, but he is barely out of diapers. I don't care if he is purple, he is a NEWBY, and the dire straits we are in, I don't want someone experimenting, and learing the ropes as we go forward. Only to find the hand is burning.
Annie you are right. I do however see it running a lot deeper than that. In this country the liberals have polluted these lands with so much garbage. What I mean is and hear me out--- there is no more black and white/right or wrong just shades of gray and maybes. So many criminals are set free because 11 said yes but 1 said no. Lets ban guns because guns kill people, lets sue tobacco companies for putting a cigarette in my mouth, lets sue McD's because I ordered HOT coffee and spilled it on myself, Lets put this man in jail for murder because he shot a man in his house after breaking in while he and his wife were sleeping. Here is one for you I personally had my jeep stolen and one month later the jeep and thief captured. Yes he was convicted for 5 years. But here is the good part, he was 24 years old and had been convicted of 21 crimes since the age of 18 ranging from breaking and entering to shop lifting. Oh better yet they let him out after 5 months because of over crowding and the fact that none of his crimes had been violent------YET! 2 years later he finally was put away for good because of stabbing an old lady while stealing her purse. The liberals are always crying about everything while the rest of us sit back and ignore them thinking that they will go away. THEY WON'T. The politicians (People Pleasers) don't hear anything but crying from them-------Here it is , Squeaky wheel gets the oil. If we want this country to regain back its pride we need to get rid of the grey and the maybes. We need to stand up and yell over the cry babies. We need to stand up and fight for right or wrong with no grey. Think about it how can we have pride in our country if our children can't even say the pledge of allegiance to our flag and country in school. You have to be able to start with our children. It is obvious we have already lost one generation just by looking who was just voted into office.
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I totally agree, but we keep voting them in, if you want to believe the voting system isn't tampered with. Propoganda was used so much by this election, and the media, which is owned by big corporations who used there power to sway the vote. The media has turned into the "National Enquirer", anything to sell a paper, or get ratings, just do a back track later on the back page, or wee hours of the morning.
Lets forget for a minute, the drawbacks of smoking, but this country was built on the SIN tax, alcohol, tabacco, made Kennedy his money, and for years this country made big bucks on the sale of cigarettes, now the feds, are pushing for no smoking, and have joined forces with the drug companies. Remember, the commercial; "this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs". Now look at the side effects you get from most drugs, which leads to another prescription. Your denied coverage for certain medical treatment, yet they will pay for Viagra. There are no cures anymore, just treatment to control, which leads to dependancy. ......You have victims being prosocuted, for defending themselves against criminals, you have a sick array of jail time that makes no sense. Enron folks go to a federal country club, Martha goes to jail, misdomeaners, get more time, than felony cases...Judges file suit against cleanners for lost pants, yet you try and sue a drug company for a bad drug, and you have to hope for a class action to even be heard. "In God we trust" is written on our currency, yet we can't have prayer. You swear on a bible in court, yet they fight to remove the 10 commandments from the court house. Go figure! Too much sex on tv, yet at least 20x's a day I see a commercial for "male enhancement" or Viagra", but thats ok. We are upside down, and we keep putting our trust in the hands of lawyers, politicians, and big business, and the only ones coming out on top, are them. Slavery has not been abolished. The middle class feeds the poor, and makes the rich, richer, and the constitution is getting buried, and tied in knots. Look at the bones they throw us, while making deals on the other side. Give me something substantial, instead of gay marriage, (who cares really) it's not paying the bills, is it, reducing the defecit? System overhaul is needed, and "WE THE PEOPLE" need to stand up.
I could go on and on, but this would be a novel...History just keeps repeating it's self. I feel like an Isrealite in Egypt.
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wmi i dont get it...but i wont walk in front of you.
i think he's saying you got to stand for right is right or you will fall for anything. sort of speak.
i said this is what we got..we got a live with it ..its better than hillary,,not as good as john ....but he is a good speaker and he might surprise us ,,with other dont matter they are all going to screw us over
wmi i dont get it...but i wont walk in front of you.
Delbert I don't get it either. Everything has changed so much from the way I was raised. If you don't understand what I mean don't worry sometimes I confuse myself. As far as walking you can walk beside me anytime. LOL:bye:
hunting does bring us all togeter hard feelings
hunting does bring us all togeter hard feelings
Now I get it. Gross as in net product/gross product not gross as in nasty. What he meant was gross business. You had me confused. If you as a plumber do 250K a year in business he is coming after you. I can see what I said would be confusing.:confused:
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